Hello, Miami!

I just wanted to share some pictures of very satisfied client after receiving her first Lymphatic Facial.

78 year old female – Before

Here she is, moments before receiving her first Lymphatic Facial.

78 year old female – After

Here she is just after! Notice that her lips are forming the same expression as in the before picture, but look at her cheeks! Her cheeks appear lifted, her jawline is more defined, her fine lines have smoothed out considerably, and her deep lines are less marked.

These are immediate results after just one session.

Due to the nature of the Lymphatic system, these results will not be permanent, of course. Fluid accumulation is a constant and ever changing process, affect by various circumstances, conditions, and lifestyle choices.

However, it is possible that results may last longer with regular and consistent sessions.

Also, if you have a special day coming up where you’d like to look your best, here is a quick and non-invasive way to boost your skin’s appearance!

If you’re planning on having any cosmetic work performed, why not ask your doctor about the benefits of a Lymphatic Facial before and/or after the procedure? I’d be happy to speak with anyone regarding the process, and answer any questions or concerns, of course.

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