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Swedish Massage

Using slow, broad, continuous strokes, and light to moderate pressure, you’ll enjoy a soothing session that will aid your circulation and may improve your sleep over time. It’s especially good for those with active minds who find it hard to just be.

Deep Tissue Massage

A mix of techniques are used—with moderate to deep pressure—to release knots and trigger points, and help alleviate your aches and pains. It can be a bit uncomfortable, but you should never experience pain you can’t easily breathe through.

Sports Massage

Broadly speaking, it’s a mix of Swedish Massage & Stretching to help you stay in top form. Depending on your training routine, we’ll figure out how to address bothersome areas, if possible, until you’re in a recovery phase and able to work deeper.

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Add Ons Available

CBD oil
Theragun Percussive Therapy
and coming soon
Hot Stones

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Individualized Treatments

As a small business owner, massage isn't just my practice. It's my passion and priority. I have built a practice centered on what's best for my clients, including tailoring each of their sessions to their specific needs.

Mobile Massage Therapy in Miami

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